Lower layer (green colour)
Teratai Brand Rice Flour 175 gm
Sugar 400 gm
Water 1000 gm
Pandan Leaves
(extract juice)
15 leaves
Lye Water 1 teaspoon

Upper layer (white colour)
Teratai Brand Rice Flour 50 gm
Tapioca Flour Thick 50 gm
Thick Santan Milk 400 gm
Salt 6 gm
Water 100 gm

Cooking Method:

Mix all the lower (green) layer ingredients evenly. Heat the plate (diameter 260mm) in a steamer. Pour the green layer mixture into the heated plate and stir until it becomes a thick, shiny dough. Steam for 30 minutes. Mix the upper (white) layer ingredients and pour onto the cooked green layer. Steam for another 20minutes.