Teratai Brand Rice Flour 250 gm
Green Pea Flour 25 gm
Tapioca Flour 25 gm
Sago Flour 25 gm
Sugar 330 gm
Thick Santan Milk
(or coconut 700 gm)
350 gm
Water 700 gm
Pandan Leaves (extract juice) 5 - 10 leaves

Cooking Method:

Mix Teratai Brand Rice Flour, green pea flour, tapioca flour and sago flour with water and sugar. Add in thick santan and mix. Divide the mixture into three portions and add each portion with red colour, pandan juice (green) and (white) colourless respectively. Apply a thin layer of oil onto a plate and heat it in a steamer. Pour a thin layer of mixture (one ladle) onto the plate starting with colourless layer followed by green and red respectively. Steam for 4 -5 minutes for each layer. Repeat until all the mixtu
re is used up.