Packing Size : 24 x 320g

Dimension (cm)
L x W x H


36.53 x 34.93
x 19.05

  m / ctn. : 0.02431
  NW/ctn. : 7.68kg
  GW/ctn. : 9.29kg

Approx. ctn. / m

: 30.34

Approx. ctn. / 20'

: 1,248

Kuih Lapis is a popular multi-layered, colourful sweet dessert among Malaysians. It is a sweet, creamy and attractive dessert commonly served as dessert after meals, during breakfast or as light refreshments.

Teratai Brand Instant Green Kuih Lapis Rice Flour Premix contains selected quality rice flour, green bean flour, modified starches, coconut cream powder, pandan flavour, permitted food conditioners and permitted green food colouring. It undergoes stringent quality control process and conforms to the Malaysia Food Regulations 1985.

It is made ready-to-use and users need to only add water, sugar and salt (according to the proportion stated on the retail box). The recipe and cooking instructions are printed in three languages - Bahasa Malaysia, Mandarin and
English on the retail box. The step-by-step cooking instruction is available in four coloured photos printed on the box for easy reference.

A packet of 320g premix can prepare a tray of green, pandan-flavoured kuih lapis (measuring 260mm in diameter) for 10 servings.