Packing Size : 24 x 400g

Dimension (cm)
L x W x H


37.47 x 38.10
x 19.05

  m / ctn. : 0.0272
  NW/ctn. : 9.60kg
  GW/ctn. : 11.55kg

Approx. ctn. / m

: 30.36

Approx. ctn. / 20'

: 1,116

Rice Coconut Pancake is a perennial favourite and popular snack among Malaysians. Traditionally this snack takes 4 to 5 hours to prepare and is a popular hawker food among Malaysians. With the invention of this premix, this dessert can now be prepared instantly at home. It takes only 5 minutes to prepare a piece of crispy, tasty coconut pancake.

Teratai Brand Instant Coconut Pancake Rice Flour contains selected quality rice flour, coconut cream powder and permitted food conditioners. This product is formulated through the ingenuity of EHS extensive research and development. It undergoes stringent quality control process and conforms to the Malaysia Food Regulations 1985.

It is made ready-to-use and users need to only add water, sugar, salt and eggs into the premix to prepare the batter. The recipe and cooking instructions are written in three languages - Bahasa Malaysia, Mandarin and
English. The step-by-step cooking instruction is available in four coloured photos printed on the box for easy reference.

A packet of 400g premix can prepare 35 pieces of crispy and tasty coconut pancakes.